• Musana Camps can accommodate guests wanting to run their own program.
  • Musana Camps can provide programming (speaking) and activities for those who want us to completely facilitate the camp. Please request upon booking if you want us to provide programming for your group.
  • Group bookings should be confirmed at least 2 weeks prior to start date.
  • Numbers of people must be confirmed one week prior to the camp start date. If the actual number of people is less than the number you confirmed you will be charged for the food purchased for the difference in number.
  • A reservation fee is required to reserve dates. Reservation fees are 100,000/= for 0-15 people and 200,000/= for more than 15. (this fee applies to the final bill but is non-refundable if you cancel)
  • A booking confirmation fee of 40% of the total invoice is due one week prior to the beginning of the program. If you do not put a deposit down you are not guaranteed the dates you booked.
  • Our current housing capacity is 150. Current accomodation facilities includes tents and cabins.
  • It is possible to bring more than 150 people, but you will need to bring your own tents and mattresses.

To book with Musana Camps, please contact us at 0759-220-943, or email us at


Please contact us for a custom quotation for your group or personal stay at Musana Camps.
                • 20% non-refundable deposit due 1 week prior to arrival
                • Guests are required to confirm arrival time and group size at least 3 days prior to arrival
                • Children ages 2 and under are free; ages 3 - 7 half price


                • All meals are local Ugandan food
                • This is a sample menu, actual options may differ

                • Porridge
                • Bread
                • Fruit
                • Milk Tea
                • Popcorn
                • Sweet Potatoes
                • Rice
                • Ground nut sauce
                • Greens
                • Irish Potatoes
                • Rice
                • Fish Stew
                • Pineapple
                WHAT TO BRING & WHAT TO WEAR

                What to bring

                • Bible, notebook, and pen
                • Torch/flashlight
                • Bed sheets and blanket
                • Sweater or jacket
                • Active/casual clothing
                • Hiking/active shoes and sandals
                • Bathing supplies, soap, sponge, slippers, towel etc…
                • Vaseline or other personal items
                • Swimming clothes.
                • Medications you are taking
                • Camera – if you have one

                What not to bring

                • Cell Phones
                • MP3 players
                • iPods
                • Radios
                • Smoking tobacco
                • Alcohol
                • Other drugs

                When coming to Musana Camps we want you to rest from your normal daily routine and be refreshed by the peace, quiet, and beauty of being here at the camp. Our desire is that your focus be on your relationship with the Lord, the topics that the speaker is bringing, as well as the people that you have come with. For these reasons we want to minimize your distractions and ask that you leave these items at home.

                Musana Camps will only provide phone charging for group leaders… no other phones will be charged at camp. If you must have your phone for important communications while you are at camp please shut it off or keep it on silent so you do not distract others.

                Please be advised that Airtel is the primary network usually available at the camp. Other companies may not have network at Musana Camps

                What to wear

                In an effort to encourage people to stand as biblical men and women, Musana Camps has chosen the following dress code based first on biblical principles and secondly on the current cultural trends:

                • Modest dresses or skirts (knee length or longer… no mini skirts) or loose fitting trousers
                • T-shirts, wide strap tank tops, or blouses with modest necklines
                • Knee length shorts for appropriate games and activities
                • For swimming: modest 1-piece swimsuits or shorts and t-shirt; no bikinis
                • If the only swimsuit available is immodest or is a bikini, then a dark cover up-shirt must be worn.
                • Collared shirts or t-shirts.
                • Trousers, jeans, or shorts.
                • Swimming shorts.